Watch: New ‘La Luna’ Clip In HD

Pixar’s newest critical darling, La Luna, is currently vying for an Academy Award in the Animated Shorts category. It is in a unique position for a Pixar short – all recent shorts from the animation studio have been released widely before being nominated, but La Luna will not get its wide release until June of this year. This means that many have yet to see the beautiful new short. A brief clip was released last year after the announcement of the film’s existence, but it provided more character development than plot. Now, Disney/Pixar has unveiled a new clip, which you can view in HD after the jump!

Note that the following clip gives away an important plot detail, so if you would like to go in not knowing anything about La Luna, I would suggest waiting until the short hits theatres.

For everyone else, check out the stunning clip below:

La Luna is actually playing in limited release currently with its fellow Oscar nominees in the various shorts categories. Click here to see if it is playing in a theater near you.

The Enrico Casarosa-directed short, La Luna, arrives in theatres with Brave on June 22.

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  • Rosebudd

    This was so beautiful and moving, that it should have been made into a film. The theater was quiet, everyone, including the kids were in awe and loved it because it was a beautiful story… then we go back to the noise, special effects and lack of story line in today’s movies- especially children’s. This could be a classic. This is what the audience really wants.

  • MMPoland

    The best, most beautiful animation I’ve seen in years.
    I don’t know how and why but it brought memories and feelings hidden somewhere deep within.