PixArt: February 2012 Feature – Monster Sickling

We couldn’t be more thrilled to feature this great piece from Oakland artist Yosiell Lorenzo. You might know Lorenzo from his wonderfully creepy line of Sicklings. If you haven’t seen or heard of these little guys make sure to check out his site and see them for yourself. A new batch will be for sale this week so don’t wait. Read on for more about the artists in his own words. Our thanks to Yosiell for his time and talent!

Name: Yosiell Lorenzo


www.yosielllorenzo.com      Twitter: www.twitter.com/yosielllorenzo

currently live in… Oakland, CA

consider my hometown to be… New Haven, CT

My Favorite Pixar Movie isMonsters, Inc. Growing up, all kids think we have monsters in our closets at one point or another. I was definitely one of those kids who made sure my closet was closed before going to bed, haha.

My Favorite Pixar character is… Mike Wazowski

Tell us about your piece: I like to combine digital illustration with “real life” backgrounds and textures. I’ll create an artificial scene but throw in an aspect or two of reality so people kind of question what they’re seeing. And then I’ll age the whole piece. I really get into the process. As for what’s happening in this scene…Well, Mike Wazowski just happened to walk out of the wrong closet door that night and is now jarred up. (I guess you could say he’s in a pickle?) The Sicklings are currently deciding what to do with him. More than likely, they’ll party and celebrate with their favorite beverage: dew tea. Sadly, we may never know Mike’s fate…

Who/What inspires you? Right now, there’s a certain individual in my life who really inspires me. But in general, everyday life, people I meet and certain parts of movies or songs are all capable of triggering ideas for new work. Also: anything old, dark or turn of the century usually grabs my attention.

Recommend something, anything to our readers: People should really check out Jeremyriad.com, which is an awesome curated blog about pop culture and design. He coined the term “popjects” to describe the accessible art objects he writes about, and he has amazing hair. Another site I recommend is Storenvy.com, which is where I host my shop. It’s got an awesome community/social vibe with good-looking storefronts, and most of all it’s free…what’s not to like?!

Shameless self-promotion: My new series of resin Sicklings will be released Friday February 17th in my shop. It’s the third batch, and the first two are sold out. Stop by and check out http://shoplorenzo.storenvy.com/ for originals, prints and anything Sickling-related!

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  • http://www.jeremyriad.com/ Jeremy

    Yosiell Lorenzo is the next big thing!

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    Go Yosiell!  Work it <3  So awesome :)