Toy Fair 2012: ‘Brave’ Merchandise

Walking around the Toy Fair show floor at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, it was difficult to spot Brave merchandise among the hundreds of booths. The reason is obvious, at least when you look at it in the context of the last few years – Brave is an original property starring brand new characters. The last two years, merchandise for Pixar films was impossible to miss, with the Toy Story and Cars franchises being the company’s two biggest properties. There were some Brave sightings at the Toy Fair, though, which you can take a look at after the jump. Don’t worry – no spoilers!

The products (at least so far) seem to be based on a few promo images which feature the female protagonist, Princess Merida, with her trusty bow. Various other images include her with her horse, Angus, and three cubs.

Monogram International had a Brave journal on display:

Brave Journal (Front)

Brave Journal (Back)

Additionally, the company had a poster of promo art up in their booth:

In their catalog, Monogram also showed me some nice looking Brave key rings and keychains coming out later this year as well.

Another company that had Brave merch on display was RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor, which manufactures wall art that one can put up and remove easily, all without leaving residue. They had a sample Brave wall decal all packaged up:

Brave Wall Decal Packaging

Brave Wall Decal Packaging (Back)

On the wall of their booth, they had some promo art up:

I dropped by the USAopoly booth where the fine folks there confirmed they are currently developing Brave Monopoly. While I could not snap a picture of the box art, it was only a design concept – the final box art will likely be different. The game is set for release in May, a few weeks before the film’s June release. We will have more details on the game, as they are provided!

Time To Play put up a video taking us through JAKKS Pacific‘s booth. The toy company has some cute stylized dolls of Merida and Angus on the way, along with some other merchandise, such as costumes and a bow and arrow set (Note: the Brave portion begins at 0:42):

Mattel is also making Merida dolls (images via MTV Geek):

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Brad from Stitch Kingdom, who was very generous in helping me navigate my first Toy Fair. Make sure to follow along with Stitch Kingdom for updates throughout the fair this week.

Overall, not a lot of Brave merchandise planned thusfar, but I am sure we will see a lot more once the film succeeds at the box office. Hopefully, there will be more toys than there were manufactured for Up. Then again, the main character in Up was a senior citizen, while Merida is a princess, which almost guarantees there will be Brave toys out there. I cannot wait to see what products are in the pipeline. Updates as they arrive!

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