Awesome: Fan Creates Concept Art For ‘The Incredibles 2’

Ever since Brad Bird directed The Incredibles, there have been fans begging him and the animation studio for a sequel. In interviews for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (which was a good film with great action set pieces if you haven’t seen it), Bird said he has not had much time to think about an Incredibles sequel but wouldn’t be opposed to making it. Well, a fan by the name of Edwin Rhemrev has gone ahead and created some concept art for his vision of The Incredibles 2 (thanks to Animatie Blog for the heads up), and it looks kind of awesome. Take a look at his cool artwork after the jump!

Personally, I have never pined for The Incredibles 2, but if Bird and company are able to take their time and churn out a great script, then I could definitely get excited about that.

“In Bird I Trust.”

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  • Oasim Karmieh

    His works are so amazing! Really superb article as always!

  • Aron Katz

    I dig the fan art!

  • Edwin Rhemrev

    Thanx for picking up on this guys, appreciate it! :)


  • Usman

    Bloody hell, those are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! The first is the best.

  • Woody1138

    This just made me want an Incredibles 2 ten times more!  Brad Bird, please return to Pixar!!!

  • Sam Allen

    Wow! This art is amazing and done in such a “concept-arty” way!