‘La Luna’ Director Enrico Casarosa Reacts To Oscar Nomination

It is always an early morning when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announces Oscar nominees, but if you are one of those nominees, the morning is likely to be a bit easier to handle. La Luna is Pixar’s representative at the Academy Awards this year, which has the director of the short, Enrico Casarosa, “over the moon.” He released a statement thanking the Academy and expressing his gratitude. Read on to check out his full statement.

Enrico Casarosa. Photographer: Deborah Coleman. ©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

EW has collected a list of nominee reactions, in which Casarosa states:

La Luna is a deeply personal story for me, and to have it recognized by the Academy is an honor both profound and exhilarating. I know this also means so much to the crew, who believed in this whimsical idea and brought it to life with amazing talent and expertise. On behalf of all of them, I’d like to thank the Academy. This must certainly be how it feels to be over the moon!”

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  • MDM

    Congratulations Enrico!  Even though Pixar didn’t make it in the Animated Feature Film category, it still made it to the short film category, which shows that Pixar isn’t over.  I’m not as hard as others who say that Pixar is reaching its end just because Cars 2 didn’t make it this year.  People shouldn’t be so mean; it doesn’t have to win all the time. 

    • MDM

      I can’t wait to see La Luna.  It looks amazing.

  • mnmears

    Congratulations on the nod … I haven’t seen the other nominated shorts but I did see “La Luna” at the D23 Expo and it’s stunningly beautiful, a joy to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to Pixar! 😀 I really hope La Luna wins. I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks amazing.
    It’s still very, very surprising and upsetting that Cars 2 isn’t nominated, and it isn’t fair; it’s not as good as the other Pixar movies, but it’s still really good and it still deserves to at least be nominated (and it deserves to win). It sucks that Rango is nominated, and it sucks even more that it’ll probably win because it doesn’t deserve it. Rango was good in the special effects department, but that was it. :/