Watch: ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ Teaser Trailer

Our first look at Finding Nemo 3D is hitting multiplexes all over the country this Friday with Beauty and the Beast 3D. To mark the underwater film’s debut in the 3D format, Disney/Pixar has just released a trailer for the film’s debut in September. While it is fine to see the beautiful world all over again on the computer screen, it cannot compare to the 3D trailer that will be playing in theatres this weekend. For now, check out this Finding Nemo 3D trailer…in 2D!

I cannot wait to see how the film looks on a 3D screen. With the amount of detail and depth present, it is not hard to see why this was chosen as the next Pixar film to be re-rendered in 3D.

The 3D format has been much maligned as of late, with few studios taking full advantage of the format, opting to convert the film to 3D in post-production. I am not a huge fan of every film being screened in the format because it does not always add much to the experience (other than ticket cost). One big exception to this was Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, which had a clever and creative use of the 3D format. What sets Pixar’s films apart is that they are not converted to 3D – the entire film is re-rendered painstakingly. Toy Story and Toy Story 2, when re-released in 3D a few years ago, looked pretty great on screen. I can only imagine how fine Finding Nemo will look up there.

Finding Nemo 3D hits theatres on September 14.

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  • Dave

    What is the difference between the 2d and 3d version? Is it the type you have to use glasses with?