Pixar Dinosaur Film Bumped Off Nov 2013 Release Date

Yesterday, Disney shared upcoming release dates for its films. A mysterious film titled Frozen rested on the date of November 27, 2013, which led many to believe that The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs, originally scheduled for release on that date, now had the title of Frozen. However, Peter Sciretta of /Film confirmed with Disney that Frozen was not a Pixar film. Further, Bleeding Cool received tips that Frozen is actually an adaptation of the long-dormant Snow Queen Disney animated film. This raises the question – when exactly is Pixar’s Untitled Dinosaur Movie landing now?

With Frozen taking over the November 2013 release date, one has to wonder what is going on with the Dinosaur project. The year of 2013 was set to be the first year that two Pixar feature films would make their way into theatres. If the Dinosaur film has been delayed into 2014, this would not be without precedent, as Monsters University was originally set for release in November 2012 (the second Pixar release of the year along with Brave) but was delayed until June 2013.

Disney and Pixar do not have anything to lose if only one Pixar film is to be released in 2013, as that is the way it has been for over a decade. Releasing two Pixar films in one year is a lofty goal, one that the studio has been trying to reach for the past few years. Given the way that the Emeryville studio operates, the films takes about four years to make. There are many reasons for that – the animation process is lengthy and the story is worked, reworked, and then reworked some more.

If I had a theory (which I guess I do), it is that 2014 will now be the first year that Pixar attempts to release two films – The Untitled Dinosaur Film and The Untitled Pixar Move That Takes You Inside The Mind. But again, that is just a theory. I have no idea what is going on, so we will have to wait and see what happens. A release date change announcement for the Dinosaur film should not be too far away.

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  • Alec

    I have a feeling this is Newt all over again considering the movie disappears. :/ We’ll just have to see