Pixar Features ‘Brave’ On New Twitter Brand Page

As part of a dramatic overhaul of its platform, Twitter announced a feature that has long been requested by companies to differentiate themselves from individual Twitter users: brand pages. Several companies, including Disney/Pixar, have partnered with Twitter to serve as launch partners for the new look, which allows for a larger header image and a promoted tweet to sit at the top of the timeline. Get a glimpse of the redesign here after the jump!

Pixar’s Twitter page features a large header for Princess Merida with the Brave tagline “Change Your Fate. Summer 2012.”

The larger header image, as seen above, gives companies more space to display photos, artwork, and taglines for their products. There is no doubt that it has a much nicer aesthetic than the older look, which you can see below:

Brand pages are currently invite only. Twitter says that they will be offering more companies the option to create brand pages in the future.

The redesigned Twitter is slowly rolling out to its over 200 million users worldwide, so if you are unable to view the new look now, you should be able to soon.

To view all the different aspects of the redesign, visit the Twitter blog.

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