‘Up’ House In Danger Of Losing Its Colorful Charm

The real-life Up house, built in Herriman, Utah, has captured the hearts of people all over the world. It captivated Clinton and Lynette Hamblin so much that they went out and bought the house. The dedicated fans of the film that they are, they prefer to keep the exterior of the house as-is, with its bright colors shining years into the future. However, there is now a real danger that the house will have to be repainted to fall in line with the rules of the homeowners association.

KSL Utah ran a story describing the controversy:

While some neighbors approve of the colorful addition to the small neighborhood, others dislike how much the house sticks out. One neighbor, Josh Bohrn, says:

“We see it every morning when we wake up and eat breakfast,” Bohrn said. “We would like to not have to see multi-colors as we look out of our windows.”

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

It is unclear on what the outcome will be, but if this divide continues, the house may have to be repainted in a less colorful manner. Bangerter Homes, the builder, expects the final decision to be made sometime in the next month.

The Hamblins are hopeful that the house’s colors will stay the way they are. I have to say that I remain hopeful as well.

Source: KSL Utah

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  • Emily

    Bohrn sounds like a real grouch. I would love to see the Up house outside my window! UP is a wonderful movie conveying that we shouldn’t isolate ourselves from the world and the relationships and connections we have and make with others is what makes life so meaningful and less gray(or in this case brown). It serves as a reminder that we need to reach out to others and that adventure is out there!  To me, repainting it would be devastating.

    Besides, wouldn’t the property value(not sure if this is the right term) go up? I know a good number of people who would buy homes in the same neighborhood as the Up house.

  • shadypotential

    LMAOO talk about a waste of time. i dont know why they haven’t made a disney museum yet. t

  • Anonymous

    wow… that Josh guy seems like a fun guy to be around ¬¬

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4DF4RFOY42D6BNSDDAQVCKH4BA phantom kitty

    makes me wonder why they built the house in a location that required regulations in the first place.

  • Tom

    Surely people can paint their houses whatever colours they like? What is this, some sort of totalitarian communist society?

  • Emilyn

    Ugh.  This is a stupid problem.  The house shouldn’t cause too much attraction after a year or so, so why do they need the house to be repainted?  Why is it such a big deal if the owners like it?  They’re the owners….