‘Up’ House Sold To Disney/Pixar Fans

The town of Herriman in Utah has been abuzz the last few months as thousands of people have flocked to the town to visit the real-life Up house built by Bangerter Homes. The company had received special permission from Disney (with some help from film director Pete Docter) to build the one-of-a-kind home that would be sold for about $400,000. The Salt Lake Tribune is now reporting that the house has been sold, breaking the hearts of some prospective buyers. After the jump, read about the couple that purchased it, and you may just realize that it is now in great hands.

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

Clinton and Lynette Hamblin, who purchased the home before it was even officially listed for sale, call themselves “Pixar and Disney fanatics.” Their two children are even named Coral and Gunnar Reef, as an homage to Pixar’s Finding Nemo. The couple connected to the story of Up, as they experienced a miscarriage during their time together – in the film, the montage at the beginning hinted that Carl and Ellie were unable to have children.

When news of the Utah Up house hit the news, the Hamblins were overjoyed, as, at the time, they were searching for an Up-style house in the California area. Previously, they had also considered moving to Utah, so they started to believe that “it was meant to be.”

The couple plans to keep the exterior of the house as-is, as long as the homeowners association gives their approval. The benefit of the approval will be that the home will bring many more visitors to the town into the far future. Alterations to the exterior would also cause an outcry among fans, as it has been a joy seeing the beloved home make its way into the real-world.

The house is still on display for visits and tours, for now. Once the deal with the Hamblins is closed, don’t expect tours to be offered afterwards, as it would be weird to have tourists walking through your home all the time. The deal is expected to be done in early January, so you still have a chance to check out the interior of this wonder.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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