PixArt: Knick Knacks Series 1 – Wave 2

All we can say is WOW! The response to the Pixar Knick Knack project has been spectacular! We are thrilled that so many of you have been inspired to create and participate. The images are still rolling in and getting more impressive each day. Today, we are happy to unveil another group of Knick Knacks from some fantastic artists. Big thanks to the amazing artists who contributed their time and talent to this release.

In this posting, you will see Knick Knack designs from our artist friends Rob McClurkanAlfredo CáceresMike MoranSascha Preuß, Adam Grason and Chris Dicker. Check out all their designs below and make sure to visit their sites to see more of their amazing work.

We will continue to post images as they come in. If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to contact us.

Remember, we will only post images that correctly use the templates we provide. Please do not submit a Knick Knack design before contacting us. We will provide the details of submission as well as an Illustrator of Photoshop template for you to use. Again, you MUST use our template. Don’t be shy. If you have a great idea for a Knick Knack, contact us! We’re only beginning to see the possibilities of this fun shape.

We think there’s still plenty of creativity our there just waiting to be uncovered. Whether you’re a designer, fashion artist or painter – we know you’ve got a Knick Knack in ya. Help us push the limits of this design with your own special take!

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  • Bri

    AH! That Merida one is lovely! Will it ever be for sale?

  • http://twitter.com/rtteachr Donny Y

    love this idea! hope to participate