July 24, 2014

Video Previews: ‘Cars 2′ Blu-ray/DVD Special Features

Cars 2 is approaching its home release as the film is coming to Blu-ray and DVD next month. The various box sets for the film are set to come with several special features exploring the making of the animated feature. Disney/Pixar has uploaded a few videos previewing the extras, with one that goes behind the scenes with a look at the research the creative team did on the world of racing. Additionally, they also uploaded a longer clip from the hilarious Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation short. Continue on to view both videos in HD.

The extras that come on Pixar home releases have proven to be a fascinating extension of the finished films. With the studio’s notorious attention to the tiniest details, it has always been interesting to take a brief look behind the curtain and see how they make some of that magic happen in Emeryville. It is well known that Pixar employees do a large amount of research before embarking on their filmmaking journey. Here is a clip from the “Getting Behind The Wheel” extra that shows some of the fun research that was done for Cars 2:

Also, here is a longer clip from the Toy Story Toon that played with Cars 2 in theaters:

To view a complete list of the special features that will be seen on the sets, click here. Cars 2 hits Blu-ray and DVD on November 1st.

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