New ‘La Luna’ Image Features Closer Look At Main Character

Disney has provided us with a new image from Pixar’s newest short, La Luna. It gives us a closer look at the young boy who is the main character in the 7-minute film. In the Enrico Casarosa-directed piece, the boy accompanies his father and grandfather in their unusual line of work. The audience gets to experience the journey alongside the young character, as it is his first time soaking in his family’s eye-opening job. Take a look at the image in hi-res here!

While the image is seen in the teaser clip that Disney/Pixar released, this is the first time we are seeing it in high-resolution. Click it to view it in all its glory:

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Once again, crescent shapes line the sides of his eyes in an extremely nice touch. We also saw this design in the first image and poster that were released a few months back. It is a visual aspect that can be easily overlooked, but provides us with one of the most creative character designs we have seen from the studio.

Another area in the visual design that can be seen in the above image is the texture of the boat and the backdrop of the sky. In the behind-the-scenes look Enrico Casarosa gave to an audience during a talk in New York City, he spoke about his decision to give the objects seen in the film a “textural feel.” I spoke to him about that in an interview that I will share with you in the coming days, as “La Luna Week” continues here on The Pixar Times.

Currently, La Luna is touring film festivals around the world. Its next stop is the Ottawa International Animation Festival, where it will play on Sunday, September 25. The short opens worldwide with Brave next summer.

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  • Grace Yang

    AHHH! he’s so cute!!!! I really can’t wait for this short to come out!