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There is an incredible amount of talent that works on Pixar’s campus in Emeryville, California. That, of course, can be seen through the studio’s films. Many of those Pixar employees also display talents in other areas – some are musicians, others are comic book artists. There are even those who make their own independent films – one group of Pixar employees is in the process of doing just that. Emma Coats and Shion Takeuchi, both Pixar story artists, are directing a short live-action film entitled Sweetpea. They have set up a Kickstarter page so that others can help provide the resources to make the film great. Read on for details on the project and see how you can help!

Here is the story direction for the film, straight from Sweetpea‘s official website:

Sweetpea is about a chase, a pearl-handled revolver, and two outlaws with a complicated relationship. Stylistically, we follow in the footsteps of classic westerns, but we’re definitely not a retread of a story you’ve already seen. Where a certain other film turned to aliens for their unique take, we chose to explore something nearly as foreign to the genre as aliens are: a strong female character.

While they have procured the funds to make the film, as director Emma Coats says in the video below, they are looking for help to infuse it with a higher production value. While a great story and complex characters are essential to make a good film, having an air of believability in the visual and technical aspects allows the audience to focus more on the story and the characters within it.

Here is the video, where we learn more about what Emma is setting out to accomplish:

Whether that amount be $1, $10, $100, or $1,000, it all goes straight towards making this goal for Coats, Takeuchi, and producers Paul Washburn and Josh Anon a reality. If, like me, you would like to see it realized, visit the Sweetpea Kickstarter page and help out in any way you can. Plus, there are some sweet gifts for those who pledge, including a DVD copy of the film, signed and numbered prints, a limited-edition art book, or even a role as an extra in a barfight scene!

Either way, the largest satisfaction won’t come from receiving these great gifts – it will come from viewing the final film and knowing that you helped make it happen. I’ve never made a pledge on Kickstarter before, but contributing towards making a film great? That, I can definitely get behind. Anyway, anyone who can reference Raiders of the Lost Ark and the character of Marion as influences has my undivided attention.

Sweetpea‘s Kickstarter Page

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