Awesome: Toy Story Short Made Using Real-Life Toys

Mattel and Disney have teamed up to create a new Toy Story short, but not the kind we are used to seeing from Disney/Pixar. This short was created using the “Toy Story: Space Mission” toys that were recently released. One of the greatest things the “toymation video short” has going for it is that a child does all the voices for the characters, including that of Buzz, Woody, and Zurg. Similar to Andy in the Toy Story feature films, this takes us inside the mind of a child and exposes us to his imagination. Take a look at the video here and learn some cool facts on how the video was made!

Mattel’s Toy Story Toymation Fun Facts:

  • It took a crew of 8 people over more than 1300 hours and a span of 4 weeks to complete the toymation
  • Every second needed 12 frames of pictures
  • Every shot needed at least 3 takes, many of which had to be done separately with each toy and then composited together later
  • Each toy had to be taken apart and reassembled with wire and museum putty in order to be rigged properly to animate
  • The dust bunnies were created from an old carpet the team almost threw out right before production on the toymation project began
  • The crew made 5 trips to the supermarket to clear out their asparagus, big broccoli heads, and artichokes to build the vegetable forest set

Sounds like making a short using toys is no easy task! Considering the 8 member crew likely needed to eat and sleep once in a while, we are looking at a process that took a long while to complete. It may not be as painstaking as the animation process that Pixar utilizes, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at.

Click here for details and images for the new Toy Story space-themed toys.

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  • PogieJoe

    Awesome work! But I have to say it–that’s obviously not a kid, just a woman pretending to be one!

    • edgar1975

      Yes, that’s a woman!

  • Anonymous

    When they’re going to do something cool like this, why is it that they never find a good writer to write a good script?  This one is pretty awful, frankly.

    • Samad Rizvi

      I think a “well-written script” is not entirely necessary for something like this. They’re trying to give an example of a child playing with the toys. From the Toy Story films, I think we can agree that stories that kids come up with border on the ridiculous. I do agree that it’s not as cool as the play sequence from the opening of Toy Story 3, though. That Andy had a pretty kick-ass imagination!

  • Stevn985

    I would actually watch that as a tv series