D23 2011: Images From The Huge Walt Disney Studios Presentation

The Walt Disney Studios presentation on Saturday at the D23 Expo proved to be the most jam-packed of all the panels and events at the show (and was also the hardest to get into, as even those who lined up two hours before did not make it in). Featuring sneak peeks at the various films coming from Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures and Animation, and Marvel, all electronic devices (e.g. cameras, laptops) were checked in before attendees were allowed into the arena. However, official images from the event of the directors and the actors talking about their films have been released. 

We learned new details about many of the upcoming Pixar films, but we also learned some great things such as how many of those in leadership roles at the company are able to fire up a crowd. John Lasseter spoke without the use of a teleprompter and as a result his speaking points were some of the most lively and interesting. Brave director Mark Andrews is hilarious and he brought fantastic energy along with producer Katherine Sarafian. Then, there’s Monsters University director Dan Scanlon, who showed off some of that hilarity we will be sure to see in his film. Finally, that last image of many of the directors and producers at Pixar standing side-by-side (even Andrew Stanton was there, as he was presenting John Carter) was easily one of the highlights of the event.

Take a look at the images here!

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