D23 2011: La Luna Will Play Before Brave, New Toy Story Toon Title Announced

Pixar had a few surprises up its sleeve during their shorts panel at D23, where they showcased many of the studio’s shorts in celebration of the animation giant’s 25th Anniversary. Not only did La Luna play before one of its largest audiences – there was also confirmation from director Enrico Casarosa that the short would play before Brave. Also, while we knew that the next Toy Story Toon would play before The Muppets in November, we had not heard any details about the storyline or even the title of the short. Well, we have news on that now, too – the new short will be called “Small Fry.” Read on for more about these exciting tidbits!

La Luna has been playing the festival circuit ever since premiering at the Annecy Film Festival a few months ago. Interest in the film has been sky-high among fans, as the first images from the short that were released were stunning and full of color. With the Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation short playing with Cars 2 in June, it was widely assumed that La Luna would premiere with Brave. Now we have official confirmation from Pixar that it will indeed play with Brave starting on June 22, 2012.

Additionally, the new Toy Story Toon, “Small Fry,” will be a Buzz-centric short. The first Toon contained all of the Toy Story characters, so it will be interesting to see how many of them will make it into this second one. From the brief clip that was played for us, we will definitely be seeing some new toys – toys that are not as popular as your standard Buzz Lightyear. Angus MacLane (BURN-E) will be returning to the director’s chair.

With more surprises expected over the next few days here at D23, keep us bookmarked for the latest on all of the Pixar updates.

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