Bay Citizen Talks Pixar Fandom

The Bay Citizen, one of San Francisco’s news organizations, released an article this morning discussing the unique response Pixar receives from its fans. Other than Disney, no other studio seems to have such a devoted following. Pixar has been so successful that the studio has evolved into a brand from which people not only expect but often receive the highest quality of entertainment seen in film. Referencing such unofficial Pixar sites as Pixar Planet, Pixar Talk, and yours truly, the Bay Citizen talks about the inspiration that the studio inspires in fans. Read on for more from the article!

One section of the article that had me nodding my head was a quote from Pixar publicist Chris Wiggum:

“It’s not just the films people are into, they treat our filmmakers and artists like total rockstars. I’m always amazed by the level of celebrity they have among fans,” Wiggum said.

When I had a chance to visit the studio a few months back, that was something that I realized. The filmmakers work behind the camera, so the general public does not often get a chance to see who they are (other than in DVD extras and interviews). However, many Pixar fans are often able to pick these personalities out of a crowd. That has to be an interesting experience from the perspective of these filmmakers, animators, lighters, and artists.

Click here to read the rest of the article, “Move Over Mouseketeers, Here Come the Pixar Superfans.”

Source: The Bay Citizen

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