Awesome: Replica Of ‘Up’ House Going On Sale For $400,000

Up has left quite a large stamp on popular culture. The beautifully emotional film has one of the quickest ‘happiness to sadness’ transitions in cinema history, driven by the touching relationship of Carl and Ellie. The house, which played such a major role in the animated film, has seen replicas built across the world, demonstrating the love people have of that colorful home. Just a few days ago, news hit from The Salt Lake Tribune that Bangerter Homes (based in Utah) is currently building what you can say is arguably the best recreation of the couple’s house. Read on for some images from the painstaking recreation!

(UPDATE: Added video of the house below)

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

As part of the 2011 Parade of Homes, the 2,800 square foot Utah home, when completed, will be sold for an estimated $399,000. Get your big glass jars ready!

The builders are staying faithful to the house seen in the film, down to the smallest details. Sure, slight changes are being made because of this little thing called physics. Also, get this: on weekends, the home will be accompanied by balloons. You need not worry, though – it won’t float away. Damn gravity and its incessant need to hold heavy things to the ground.

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

They are also getting creative for rooms that were not seen in the completed film. They are adding a home theater room, and bedrooms honoring Disney princesses and Andy’s room from the Toy Story films. Now, this will be a true Disney/Pixar home!

Visit the official Salt Lake Tribune website for more images of this awesome piece of work.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

UPDATE (7/12/11): Added some video footage of the exterior/interior of the house, courtesy of Utah’s KSL 5

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