Harry Potter Composer Patrick Doyle Scoring Brave

A few months back, Film Music Reporter broke news that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire composer Patrick Doyle would be scoring Brave for Pixar. After Disney/Pixar recently confirmed the composer’s hiring, The Scotsman (via First Showing) had a chance to speak with the Scotland-native about his approach to scoring the film. Read on for more on the research trips that Doyle took, how he would like to honor the land of Scotland, and why he wants to avoid using bagpipes.

Here are some article excerpts:

The project is “very much work in progress”, and Doyle has yet to see the finished film, with its story of a feisty, red-haired Scottish princess. But his research has included trips to the Hebrides to listen to unaccompanied Gaelic psalm singing, and he has played recordings of the haunting sound to the film’s producers. “It’s revisiting what I’ve heard all my days,” he said.

In Tenerife for a concert of music from his films, Doyle said he hoped to give Brave’s music a distinctly Scottish twist, but he will wait to hear what the directors want – and is wary of using bagpipes.

“I want to make it accessible but to honour the Celtic traditions if I can,” he said. “It’s a real fable set in Scotland. I could possibly use the bagpipes as a drone or something that gives atmosphere, but I will resist instantly using them until I see what’s going on … they are extremely loud.”

It looks like Pixar continues to go all-out on Brave (did we expect anything but that?). Not only is there a large Scottish cast attached to the film, but composer Patrick Doyle, who was born in Uddingston, Scotland, should also be able to bring the culture of the area to life. While the fourth Harry Potter film was the biggest film he worked on, he also scored Thor and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (due in August). Randy Newman and Michael Giacchino, Pixar’s two go-to’s in the music department, will be sitting this one out, but we are excited to see what unique music Doyle can bring to the table. We already know that the film will be beautiful, but we are hoping to hear a great accompanying score that is faithful to Scotland as well.

For a hint of what we may hear from Patrick Doyle, check out the hauntingly stunning Brave teaser trailer, which we can confirm was composed by him:

Brave hits theaters on June 22, 2012!

Via: First Showing

Source: The Scotsman

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    I love Patrick Doyle. His work on the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack is superb.

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    There are quiet bagpipes, called scottish small pipes. In the concert key of A.