Pixar Already Working On Toy Story 4?

There are those times where big news is dropped by an actor. Did he or she mean to share the huge news or were they sharing information that was not fully true? Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we know that Tom Hanks (Woody in the Toy Story films) appeared on Breakfast News on the BBC this morning and was asked whether there would be a Toy Story 4. Read on for a link to the video and the full quote where Tom Hanks says that Pixar is already working on it.

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Tom Hanks says (it comes a little after the 6:00 mark):

I think there will be. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. They’re working on it now. There you go.

I have a feeling that this news is going to spread like wildfire, so I am going to get one important aspect of this quote out of the way first. Pixar is always working on many different ideas at once. They have a full plate of ideas for their films, yet the only ideas that are fully realized are the ones that involve the best characters and stories. The fact that Tom Hanks says, “I think so” means that this is in no way a confirmation that we will be seeing a Toy Story 4. Pixar could be working on developing an idea for the film, but that could eventually stop dead in the water.

I think the biggest news here is that Pixar is thinking about possibly continuing the franchise past the trilogy. Sure, the shorts that are being released (the first Toy Story Toon, Hawaiian Vacation, is attached to Cars 2) allow for the studio to continue telling the story of these toys in limited form, but maybe some at Pixar are considering a feature film for another epic adventure?

After the release of Toy Story 3, we heard from the film’s creative team that they were not looking to develop a fourth film at the time, but they wouldn’t say it would never get made.

Don’t expect to hear any confirmation about this in the near future. If there was some way that this movie actually does get made, the earliest it could hit theaters would be 2013 or 2014. Or it may just not happen. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Ingrid for the heads up!

Via: Bleeding Cool

Source: BBC News

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  • http://twitter.com/MarkusPedersen Markus Thórr

    Wow, I’m not sure how to feel about this. Sure, Toy Story 3 was tue best of the franchise and on my opinion the best sequel of all time, but I don’t want them to push it. I feel like there’s been a lot of Pixar sequels lately, and I really want more new stuff. Like Brave. And maybe that dinosaur project that’s been rumoured.

    • Gigglespin

      I agree actually, the only reason a possible toy story four could have hope is because it’s pixar! remember when everyone was pissed when they were in the process of making a 3rd one? Pixar goes above and beyond to make each movie their ultimate best, so if they made a toy story 4 I wouldn’t expect anything but good things.
      But I think they made it PRETTY clear on the way they ended the 3rd one that they didn’t want to make a fourth one. They were only doing a 3rd one because Disney forced them to. so yeah… should be interesting to see what happens :) 

  • Calum

    Please don’t milk it Pixar. The trilogy is perfect, don’t let this decision mark the end of your streak of awesomeness. I am hoping they don’t make a 4, if they were serious they would realise the trilogy ends perfectly.. if they are about making money well then catch you later Pixar, milk all you want.

  • http://gravatar.com/sathya03 sathya03

    Thats soooo cooolll 😀 YAY

  • http://fb.me/oliver.galleguez Oliver A. G.

    Pushing the toys the fourth time will be like the Shrek franchise. I care less about the Cars franchise, but risking the “flawlessness” of the TS trilogy for a fourth? I hope they won’t do that.

    • http://Website(optional) Marlena

      No, they won’t do that. Pixar cares too much about Toy Story to do that. Rest assured.

  • http://twitter.com/arst Artichoke

    I agree with Markus Thórr. They shouldn’t make anymore sequels unless they have a very VERY good story. And I think TS3 was a perfect ending for a perfect story… They should make new stuff.
    I can’t wait for Brave!

  • Rumil

    Oh, no! Why?!

    • http://Website(optional) Marlena

      Calm down. They’re not doing it. Tom Hanks just said that statement, and right away, people are jumping to conclusions. I don’t think Tom Hanks intended to cause this outrage; he was just making a comment backed by his opinion. Of course he’s not going to say that it’s not happening. Don’t read into it too much. Pixar said so that they don’t have any plans for that. They tried to end the story perfectly, so don’t get upset.

  • http://gravatar.com/henrypex henrypexhenrytoy

    Se venden muchos cachibaches con estas pelis!!!

  • Adan Vazquez

    Nooo!, Please no more sequels, Toy Story is PERFECT right now as it is, the three movies are the best trilogy of all time!, definitely better to see new stories and new characters, like Brave.

    • savannah

      i want a 4th one 

  • http://Website(optional) Justin Allison

    I think its possible he is talking about one of the Toy Story shorts and just misunderstood something along the way. If it is a Toy Story 4 the Pixar ninjas might come after him for revealing top secret information. Or maybe they will just send Finn McMissile.

  • http://Website(optional) Jalynne

    I think everyone is freaking out for no reason AT ALL. Tom Hanks clearly is talking from his own personal opinion. Chances are, he’s been approached about the idea to see if he’s interested in another film should they find a good quality script to move forward with. They’re not going to waste time on pre-production if he’s not on board, obviously. If he’s been approached then he has every right to say that they are “working on it” because in a sense they are. But just because they might be, it doesn’t mean it will automatically come to fruition. There’s no way Pixar would move ahead with a fourth installment for their most beloved franchise without a solid script. I think they’re smart enough to realize how critical everyone would be (how they are already being).

    Additionally, this is Tom Hanks. Who’s to say he wasn’t just making a confident statement like, “Yeah, I think the movies are awesome and they’re going to make a fourth one.” Furthermore, “they’re working on it now” could have been a tongue and cheek joke. Like, “Oh yeah, they’re working on it already guys, relax okay” kind of thing. They’re are so many angles to look at this from. So I think everyone needs to calm down.

    • http://Website(optional) Jalynne

      And to the person who thumbs downed me…did you do so because you interpreted my comment to be that I don’t want a 4th movie or that I do want a 4th movie? Because honestly, I couldn’t care less either way. I personally think that Pixar would never go ahead with a 4th movie unless it was awesome and I would be on board seeing it because I love the characters. And if they didn’t end up making a 4th film, I would totally trust their judgment that the story just isn’t good enough to add to the franchise. Seriously.

      • Calum

        Don’t expect every reader to be legitimate. You always get bored 12 year olds that thumbs down anything they see for the sake of it. Great comment and I support what you say 😉

    • http://Website(optional) Marlena

      I agree with you. I think people need to calm down. Tom Hanks said, “I think so”, but did Pixar say “Yes, we are”? No, they didn’t. I think Tom Hanks was speaking from personal opinion, and people are jumping to conclusions way too much. There’s already people saying that they hate Pixar and that Cars 2 foreshadows it. For God sakes! Anyways, as far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with Cars 2. I think the only reason why people are saying it’s bad is because they’re expecting a breakthrough masterpiece like Toy Story 3. Honestly, that’s not fair. You can’t expect Pixar to give you something like that every year. The only movie that Cars 2 should be compared to is Cars, and the majority of people say that it is better than Cars. Anyways, sorry for my ramble there. That wasn’t quite on topic.

  • SK

    Bear in mind Hanks has nothing to do with Pixar, and considering they are in full swing on Brave it is INCREDIBLY doubtful they are “working on it now”.

  • http://gravatar.com/gzaf gzaf

    Well I just hope there won’t be ts4!!! Enough with the sequels!

  • Robert

    I think it was a joke about Pixar being ahead of the game and the confidence he has in good films coming from Pixar. Don’t take this to seriously guys.

  • http://gravatar.com/sammykat76 sammykat76

    God I hope not. There’s no story left to tell! Its done and over with. A fourth movie would be nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell toys. I hope Pixar would be better than that.

    • http://twitter.com/AndrewTooCool Zontafer

      There is too! We’re left with this kid whose neighbors we know nothing of, who could be evil like Sid, and this kid could possibly not be all they hoped it to be!!

  • Luxo1138

    I think Tom Hanks was just saying that because he was caught off guard. When he said there would be a Toy Story 4, he didn’t look very confident. And besides, Hanks isn’t in on Pixar’s projects. An actor rarely knows hardly anything about a new film production until at least a year into making the film and there is no way they could have been working on a TS4, seeing the upcoming line-up until the end of 2013 and the fact that Pixar would have had to be working on a TS4 at the same time that they were wrapping up TS3.

  • http://Website(optional) Marlena

    IMDb already said it was happening. For God sakes, people are looking into it too much. I wish IMDb wouldn’t do that.

  • Stylistkara

    The comments made between barbie and ken in the last one were a bit pushy, it will only get worse. My 5 year old doesn’t need to think, “toy story does It”. So its ok.

    • Dave

      They were “pushy?” LOL!

  • Me

    Nope, they shouldn’t and probably wouldn’t make a Toy Story 4…

  • http://www.facebook.com/samjameswilde Sam Wilde

    yes do like diseny pixar flium of Toy story 4

  • H_Jehohanan

    Toy Story 4 is coming…Walt Disney has confirmed that TS4 will come out in 2015, even if John Lasseter disagrees about TS4.

  • Rubios

    Ts is like the best movie Pixar has made

  • http://www.facebook.com/karina.juarez.7505 Karina Juarez

    I don’t care what ALL y’all have to say, if there’s a Toy Story 4 coming soon i just can’t wait to take my baby’s to see it!!!! soo excited!!!

  • 90’s kid

    I think a 4th toy story film would be good despite the fact that it has been played out for so many years, its a kids film, its entertained a couple of generations so far whats to stop another generation enjoying such a wonderful story. i understand the thing with too many sequils on films such as action films and such but that is completely different, plus with the new girl it would be a bigger change to the story… although i’m not 100% convinced there will be a new film as the have now brought toy story toons onto t.v so maybe there was a bit of confusion with hanks… but i honestly hope they do

  • Soccer

    They should make a Toy Story 4 because the movie is a classic and new generation should experience what we saw. Toy Story is awsome