Cars 2 3-D International Posters

In Germany, Disney/Pixar has released a few Cars 2 posters highlighting the fact that the film will be released in 3-D. The posters themselves are familiar, as they are based on the final poster for the Cars sequel. The only difference is the 3-D glasses that now accompany each character’s face. Thanks to Christian from the German Pixar Blog for pointing them out. Take a look at the hi-res images here (and disregard the release date listed on them, as North America will see the film released on June 24)!

3-D films tend to inspire mixed reactions from movie buffs. Many films that are released into 3-D theaters are converted to the format after filming has been completed, which often disrupts viewers from positively experiencing the film itself. Pixar’s philosophy on 3-D is to add a dimension without distracting the audience from the story. Having objects and people overtly reaching out of the screen into the audience can be gimmicky and leads to people thinking, “Wow, look at that thing coming out of the screen,” instead of continuing to be invested in the characters’ journeys. The result in Pixar films is that during action sequences, the 3-D aspect is dialed up, while during more emotional sequences it is dialed down. It will be interesting to see how Cars 2 will look in 3-D.

Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24, which is now less than four weeks away!


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  • kalle

    Wow McQueen looks psycho with that smile!

  • LuccyCarsFan

    McQueen is pretty with those glasses XD… I like it!!! So cool!!!

  • Markus A. Pedersen

    I’ve never liked 3-D, and never will. That’s more or less the only thing I absolutely *don’t* like about Pixar films.