Discuss: Will The Pizza Planet Truck Be Able To Cameo in Brave?

Sometimes a question arises that is just too good not to discuss in a group. Today that question has to do with the Pizza Planet truck. Pixar has managed to have the truck appear in every one of its feature films (except for The Incredibles) and you can bet that it will once again grace the big screen in the vehicle-focused Cars 2. However, Brave is a fairy tale that takes place in a “rugged and mythic Scotland.” It might be a bit difficult to fit in a Pizza Planet truck, let alone references to other Pixar films. Do you think the famed truck will appear in the film? If so, then how would the film team squeeze it in? Comment below and discuss!

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  • http://mofocomics.blogspot.com/ Leandro

    It could be a Pizza Planet horse.

  • http://www.twitter.com/AdamBritten @AdamBritten

    They already broke the tradition with “The Incredibles,” so it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t include it in Brave. I’d rather them forget about it then try to find some weird place to shove it.

  • http://www.alexliki.com Alex

    I remmember some people saying that you could see the Pizza Planet Truck in the highway scene…but who knows!
    Maybe they turn the truck into a rock or someting like that so it can appear in Brave. (like the constelation “luxo” in toy story 2?).

  • Stacey

    I think it will appear, but in a less traditional way. More like a Highlights Magazine find the hidden object. Maybe it will appear on a rock, tree or cloud. Wherever it appears, I’m looking forward to it!

  • http://Lynnguitars.blogspot.com Lynn

    They could hide it in a forest scene or a castle so it barely shows

  • Zac

    Bet it is a carved wooden toy or something a child has somewhere in the story

  • John

    Ye Olde Pizza Planet Wagon.

  • Philip H

    John beat me to it! 😀

  • Tom

    A small, subtle pickup truck in the corner of a tapestry is my guess. And the truck technically is in the Incredibles, but it goes by so fast that you can’t recognize it.

  • Emily

    I like the idea of turning it into a rock that vaguely resembles the truck, but they could also hide a stylized version of it in a tapestry or a carving.

  • Kenneth

    The truck officially is not in The Incredibles. Pixar has said so themselves. It’s just a normal car that zooms by. It’s the closest thing anybody could find, but it isn’t the truck.
    I think it’ll be transformed into a wagon or something. They’re allowed to redesign it to fit the world. They did that in Up. The only thing: How will the fit in the rocket on the top? They didn’t know about rockets in medieval Scotland.

  • Kirby

    Picture hidden in the landscape. Like a collage.

  • Bill

    Maybe it’s an idea to transform the pizza-car to a pizza-horse-drawn carriage!

  • Joe

    It doesn’t need to be a moving automobile. It could be a carving in wood similar to C3PO and R2D2 being hidden in Raiders of the Lost Ark as an hieroglyphic

  • http://twitter.com/BravePixar2012 PrincessMerida/Brave

    Yes!!! but not as obvious as a truck, i think there will be a reference made to it

  • Logan, Caitlin, and Tiffany

    There could be a painting of the truck in a castle or on a wall and have it be barely visible because it could be surrounded with other midevil paintings. For those going to see Cars 2, the Pizza Planet truck is in the very end.

  • Louioup

    Perhaps, the story begins in the modern time, where some person is telling kids about the story of Princess Merida, and somewhere in the background, you can see it.

  • Snipe

    Maybe it will be hidden in a stained glass window. :)

  • Asger Stegmann

    I think that Miranda looks into the future and see something. And in the background of the “future immage”, will there be a pizza planet truck.

  • Mike

    It’ll be a hieroglyph on some ancient ruins

  • Jrod

    32 minutes and 39 seconds into the movie. You can see Sully imprinted on a log on the lower right. And then 4 seconds later you see the witch carving something on a table and a wood carving of the Pizza Planet truck is on the table in front of her.

  • Hobojacobo

    I found it. Its in the witches cottage while she is talking to Marida on the wood table. It is a small wood model. You only have a couple of seconds to see it.

  • Starry

    I know where it is: it’s in the Witch’s shop/house, and she is holding it at one point. Take a look for yourself on Brave’s FaceBook page. :)