July 25, 2014

Video of the Day: Cars 2 Trailer Recreated With Lego

Creating animated films is a very precise process with attention to detail always an important aspect. Now, creating the look of an animated film using nothing but Lego is not exactly a walk in the park either, as Patrick Boivin can attest to. Boivin spent the past few months painstakingly recreating the original Cars 2 full-length trailer using the famous blocks as the building material. Yesterday, he posted the results of his hard work on YouTube. Check it out here and compare it to the original trailer!

Cars 2 Lego Trailer:

Original Cars 2 Trailer:

If only we had the patience to spend the time required to build all those sets and create a minute and a half of footage with Lego. Congrats to Patrick Boivin and the team at Lego for the fantastic work!

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  • http://a113animation.blogspot.com/ William Jardine

    Literally the coolest thing ever made! :D