New International Cars 2 Retro Posters Released

Earlier today, Disney/Pixar unveiled several new British characters from Cars 2 (in time for the royal wedding perhaps?), and now we have gotten our hands upon some great new promo art for the film. The retro-style pieces of artwork are part of a series of posters that have been revealed over the past few months, giving us a unique perspective from the upcoming film. Read on to take a look at the posters, which highlight London and some of the other international destinations for the cars.

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

The beautiful images seem to have increased our excitement for the film, which is headed our way in just a few months. There is nothing like seeing the creativity of artists on display!

Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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  • Markus A. Pedersen

    Seems like they can’t NOT make poster featuring Finn McMissile without it being awesome.

  • Dikenlitel

    Love them.