Pixar Technical Director Nick Pitera Displays His Other Great Talent

It is often hard to think of Pixar employees as normal individuals. The studio is like a mythical place that creates amazing pieces of film, so sometimes it is difficult for the public to comprehend that artists, animators, directors, supervisors, and designers at Pixar lead normal lives – they each have their own hobbies and interests outside of animation. One such person is Nick Pitera, a technical director at the studio who also happens to be a YouTube sensation.

Pitera has stated in the past that he loves to work in animation, but his first love is actually music. He vaulted to YouTube fame with his performance of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, where he sings both the roles of Jasmine and the titular character.

When it debuted, reactions to the video were overwhelmingly positive. It also caught the eye of the mainstream media, as Nick was invited to sing the song on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” Since it went viral a few years ago, the video has amassed over 22 million views.

Over the past few years, he has consistently posted covers of popular music as well as performances of Disney music, for which he clearly possesses a deep love. Never was that more on display than his new video “One Man Disney Movie,” which also happens to be his most ambitious and creative. In the video, he plays six roles – the heroine, sidekick, hero, chorus #1 and #2, and of course the villain.

In just a matter of a few days, the YouTube video surpassed one million views. The word-of-mouth buzz has been strong with the video for the sheer genius present not only in the idea of Pitera playing six roles in a medley of classic Disney songs, but also in the fantastic vocal abilities.

There is never a dull moment on Nick Pitera’s YouTube Channel, which you can subscribe to by visiting here. He has also released a great EP, which is currently available on iTunes for $4.95.

Yes, he has shown great abilities vocally, but what is even more enjoyable to watch is the love he clearly has for music.

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  • http://www.pixelophy.com Oasim Karmieh

    This guy is amazing! Thank you so much for this great article, I’m amazed!

  • Natasha

    Nick truely is amazing <3 I absolutely LOVE how passionate he is with his singing. And MY GOODNESS, he does every voice so PERFECTLY. Thank you for posting up the article! 😀

  • http://www.obsessedwithconformity.com Jim Mitchem

    Just amazing. The love is the thing that comes shining through most here. Well done. I used the ‘one man Disney movie’ to illustrate to my children that you must keep dreaming – and indeed, be prepared. 

  • Bugburd

    Fantastic write up, im currently making my own UK fan site, and have added this to the ‘favorate’ book marks :o)

  • Aripior14

    I M  fan of you  i want you maill i love you

  • wishiwasthebetternick

    To me, Nick will always be far more famous than picksar :)

  • cindy

    You know, it’s pretty amazing the fact both him and I have similar goals. I know I want to work at Pixar, yet, my singing career is still on my want-to-achieve list… Nick, you are a perfect example of a role model to us fans. Thank you ♥