Second Toy Story Short Attached To The Muppets

Disney/Pixar had already confirmed that the first Toy Story short will be attached to the upcoming Cars 2. Today, at their Investors Conference, the Walt Disney Company announced that the second Toy Story short will be attached to the upcoming Disney film, The Muppets, which is set to debut in theaters late this year.

Plot details remain unknown for the second short, but we do know that actors like Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton will be returning to voice their respective characters, Woody and Ken. In fact, Hanks recently shared an image where he is recording lines for the shorts.

The second Toy Story short will play alongside The Muppets, which is due in theaters on November 23, 2o11. We can see the first short before Cars 2, which hits theaters on June 24.

Note: The above image is not from the shorts.

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