Next Cars Toon Sets Up ‘Planes’

Today, we have had quite a bit of Pixar news come out of the Walt Disney Company Investor Conference. One of the larger stories to come out today was that Cars spin-off, Planes, which is not a Pixar production, hits Blu-ray and DVD in 2013. We now have a few more details on Planes, specifically where the airplane characters are set to make their debut. The next Cars Toon short is supposedly going to be the setup for the direct-to-video Planes.

During the Disney Investor presentation, the Cars shorts were described as a great way to keep the brand relevant. The newest Cars Toon is being produced by Pixar’s Vancouver studio, which was put together to produce content just like the Cars shorts.

The story for the new short was also briefly alluded to. Apparently, it involves Lightning McQueen and Mater crossing paths with airplane characters. While Planes itself is not going to be produced by Pixar (DisneyToon Studios will be in the driver’s seat), it looks like Pixar will be in control of the hand-off to their sister studio at Disney. This makes sure that the premise for Planes will already be established.

This next Cars Toon, which will be the tenth Cars short, will be released on the Cars 2 Blu-ray/DVD sets. We will likely see those sets in the Fall.

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