Francesco Bernoulli, Topolinos Drive Into Cars 2

Today, Disney released a small barrage (oxymoron alert!) of images and descriptions for new Italian characters in Cars 2. Meet Francesco Bernoulli, Uncle Topolino, and Mama Topolino!

Franceso Bernoulli

Official Description:

Francesco Bernoulli grew up in the shadow of the famous Monza race course in Italy where he and his friends would sneak onto the track and race the famous Pista di Alta Velocita bank turn. He was an instant winner on the amateur circuit and soon became an international Formula Racer champion. The ladies love Francesco’s open wheels, youngsters look up to his winning spirit and fellow racers envy his speed. But Francesco’s biggest fan is Francesco himself, as evidenced by his racing number. As the most famous race car in Europe, #1 Francesco is a favorite to win the World Grand Prix, which also makes him McQueen’s chief rival.

Uncle Topolino (voiced by Franco Nero)

Official Description:

In the small village of Santa Ruotina, near Porto Corsa, Italy, Luigi’s favorite uncle, Uncle Topolino, resides with his beloved wife, Mama Topolino. Uncle Topolino is the owner of the village’s tire shop, where he taught Luigi and Guido everything they know, though Uncle Topolino is full of sage advice about more than just tires.

Mama Topolino (voiced by Vanessa Redgrave)

Official Description:

To all who know her, Luigi’s aunt, Mama Topolino, is a masterful cook with the best fuel in the village of Santa Ruotina, near Porto Corsa, Italy. Though she has a loving, but fiery relationship with her husband, Uncle Topolino, she shows her love and generosity for both family and friends by feeding everyone her renowned delizioso fuel.


That is it for today, but we have many more character reveals to go. Cars 2 is set to be filled with a ton of new characters!

Cars 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 24.

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