Cars 2 Official Website Updated

As the promotion for Cars 2 kicks into full gear, Disney/Pixar has done a great job at staying connected with us. The Twitter account for the studio has been continuously active, and the Facebook page for the film has been a nice source of new character images and descriptions. The Cars 2 official website compiles all of the characters that have been announced, along with a few cool extras.

Not only do we see the images and descriptions that have already been released, we also get wallpapers (for computers and iPhones) and icons for all of the characters. The website’s focus is on the international flavor of the film, as it highlights the different locales where characters will appear. We get a look at several stunning backgrounds of cities around the world, many of which have already been seen like Tokyo and Radiator Springs.

We also get a glimpse of Topolino’s Village in Italy for the first time, which will likely be another beautifully animated area in Cars 2. As more characters are unveiled, we are sure to see more images of the diverse group of cities that will make an appearance.

Visit the official website of Cars 2 and bookmark the page to ease the wait until the film is released on June 24, 2011.

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  • Kevin F

    Hmmm… I predict Holley Shiftwell to be a love interest for Mater.

  • michael walsh

    Carla Veloso is from Brazil but the World Grand Prix does not go there so that means there could be characters from everywhere espiecally Australia or New Zealand.

    Raoul CaRoule is also from France

  • Georgemaunders

    Hi does any1 have any idea where I can just phone up or go into a store and order any of the diecast characters for their normal retail price I’ve tried all the obvious places toys r us the disney store among other local toystores and havnt had any luck and what started as just getting my 2 year old a toy car has developed into a bit of an obsession for me aswell as my son and I would like to get as many as possible but just don’t see y I can’t just order the ones he needs