The Incredibles Blu-ray Details, Cover Image

DVDizzy has managed to get some details on the item on everybody’s most wanted list: the Blu-ray release of The Incredibles! The Blu-ray is set to officially go on sale on April 12, (which is confirmed by Amazon, who already has it available for pre-order).

In addition to the special features that will likely be ported over from the DVD release, we’ll also be seeing:

  • The Incredibles Revisited (Filmmakers Roundtable)
  • Paths to Pixar: Story Artists
  • Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday
  • Ending With A Bang: Making The End Credits
  • Interactive “New Nomanison Island” Top Secret Redevelopment Plan

The pack will also include a coupon for admission to Cars 2.

I’m sure we’ll be getting official images and a press release from Disney soon enough. To pre-order The Incredibles 4-Disc Blu-ray/DVD set on Amazon, click here. Only a little over 3 months left until you can hold this baby in you arms!

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  • Oasim

    Wow I have been waiting for this a while now, can’t wait 😀 WOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!