Picture of the Day: Snow CARS

Once in a while, as I scour the depths of the Internet, I come across some great images that display how creative people can be. This morning, I encountered a picture that I’ve dubbed ‘Snow CARS.’ Where was it taken? I’m not even sure when it was taken. If it was recently, given the blizzard that crippled the northeastern United States, it is possible the image was taken there. I’ll leave it up to you to decide:

Cool photo, right? Now that it’s been done, the ability to create characters from CARS using snow seems obvious.

The photo was posted on BuzzFeed by SGTdopushups, where it was linked from the image sharing service, Imgur.

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  • http://disneymom-disney2010.blogspot.com/ Beth

    Love these! My son is a Cars fanatic. I will have to try these faces out on our windshield during the next NH snowstorm ~ Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.sibsy.blogspot.com Sabrina

    That is the most amazing thing I have seen.

  • http://dpage.ru/ Daniil

    I’ve seen snow-cars in russia (Moscow) too!

  • http://dangoldblog.com Dan

    I just love seeing people be creative like this. Great stuff!