Remembering Glenn McQueen (1960-2002)

“He was the heart and soul of our animation department.”

-John Lasseter

Today, on this Christmas Eve in 2010, Glenn McQueen would have celebrated his 50th birthday. Born in Canada on December 24, 1960, McQueen landed a job in 1994 as an animator at Pixar Animation Studios. He played a vital role at the studio, working on Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. as an animator. Tragically in 2002, he passed away before the filming of Finding Nemo was completed. Pixar honored him by dedicating Finding Nemo in his name and then naming the main character in Cars after him (Lightning McQueen). He clearly was a man loved by many.

“Probably the most valuable thing that I’ve gotten from working at Pixar…is making all kinds of friends.”

-Glenn McQueen

Though Glenn McQueen may no longer be with us, he lives on in the great films he worked on and in the memories of those he left behind. Thank you, Glenn, for everything.

“Glenn is not gone from us. He’s still alive in all of us.”

-John Lasseter

Note: Quotes were taken from the incredibly moving Glenn McQueen Tribute on the Finding Nemo DVD.

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  • Tanisha

    Wow i bet he was a great man.I love to watch all those movies all the time. my all time favorite is Cars. my son loves lightning mcqueen :)

  • Shelly Corrigan

    I only wish I could have met him. He has given those of us who love animation so much. God bless.


    Gone but not for gotten ill keep looking at these movies all the time lips from college park georgia

  • Mickie

    Just finished watching my favorite movie ever “Finding Nemo” and decided to Google him. It looked like he loved his job. Tragic lost. R.I.P.

  • Adriana Dosal

    Thank you Glenn for all your marvellous work.

    • Gracielou1901

      Just finished watching nemo and was wondering who he was. R.I.P Glenn

  • darya khaki

    thank you for  good works

  • alberto portanova Jr

    Soy hispano lamento la muerte de tan habil artistica de la computadora su trabajo queda en el corazon de millones de ninos y adultos que aman las buenas series… su nombre aparecio al final de la pelicula Nemo… por eso descubri un artista que merecia un oscar… saludos

  • trinity

    This is so sad…. But he will live on in the heart of Pixar Animations forever….. R.I.P Glenn McQueen. He would’ve been very proud of the movie making of Nemo, Cars and Cars 2.. E.C.T.

  • deano

    He looked so happy the job he was in god bless him

  • ms.rjm

    I love all pixar movies yu were a very talented men yu will be miss by many R.I.P.

  • Elizabeth

    I am 11 years old and I was watch Finding Nemo and it said Glenn McQueen 1960-2002 so i searched his name and it lead me here and if he worked at pixar than I am a big fan and i was wondering how did he die.

  • jo

    I’m 12 and I just now finish watching It like really it’s 12:49 AM and I saw Glenn McQueen at the end I love all the movies he helped make and I’m a fan and always will be!!!!!!!<3

  • Wecap

    Finding nemo was one of the best movies ever, thank you glen lightning McQueen for the great memories. You will live on thru these great films!

  • DaShyria

    Just finished watching my favorite movie with my niece finding Nemo

  • Canadianer

    RIP sweet Glen

  • Pablo Guzman

    Just Finished watching findind Nemo and I was always curious on the Name at the End John McQueen and the Googliers help me find wait I was looking for, the Story of this inspirational man! Rest in Peace John! May your Spirit guide another Story Teller to his inner Adventurer!

  • raejinyas

    Damn. :'( Thanks McQueen RIP homie & thank you! <3

  • Carmen

    I must of watched Finding Nemo a million times I am a child at heart I always wondered who Glen McQueen was finally I looked him up what a HONOR to have read his quotes he’s always with US God bless his family RIP

  • lola

    im 18 years old and i just wish glenn was still doing his great animashinis (sorry for spelling) and could do monsters university

  • tianna

    R.I.p ur name will forever live on!

  • DeAndreGraham

    Its just sad….. He looked too happy to die so soon. R.I.P Glenn McQueen.May God and Jesus be with You.

  • Gah-Kai Leung

    It’s 24th December 2013, the day I watched ‘Finding Nemo’ for the first time at the age of 21 (!). I happened to catch it on the BBC and loved it. Coincidentally, it also would have been Glenn McQueen’s 53rd birthday. Happy birthday Glenn. Merry Christmas. Rest in peace.

  • Britney

    Just finished watching my favorite Pixar movie ever “finding nemo”. I was very engaged into it. At the I say it said “To Glenn McQueen”. I was very curious because I love this movie so I was sad cause this movie is sad cause Nemo got lost, and it thought the same thing happened to Glenn that’s why they put his name. I was wrong obviously. I searched up his name and got very engaged to his work. R.I.P Glenn McQueen

  • Vera Aprilia Yusuf

    Hello. I just wanna say that I love his Job. =D