Book Review: The Pixar Treasures

There have been many Pixar books that have been published in the past: the great art books that accompany each feature film and books that cover the history of the acclaimed studio. Never has there been one like The Pixar Treasures.

Perusing the pages of The Pixar Treasures from publisher Disney Editions feels like one is walking through a museum dedicated to Pixar. There are stories recounting the birth of the studio, explanations of its philosophies (e.g. importance of story), and of course a look at the films. Author Tim Hauser accomplished no small feat by assembling everything into a concise and fascinating package. Alongside the text, we have rarely-seen images that capture the creativity that has made Pixar a household name.

The greatest aspect of the book is the amazing little ‘treasures’ you come upon as you flip through the pages. All recreated from the originals, there are brochures, letters, an invitation to a wrap party, stickers, holiday greeting cards, and much more to pull out and enjoy.

There are about two dozen pullouts and keepsakes included and I refuse to make a list of them here. Part of the joy of picking up the book is turning to a page to discover a piece of artwork or a letter that was only seen by few before. You will feel the urge to frame and display some of these included pieces.

Pouring over The Pixar Treasures is a unique experience, where it as if you are traversing through the halls of your very own hands-on Pixar exhibit. Simply put, it is a beautiful hardcover that every Pixar enthusiast needs to have in their personal library.

The Pixar Treasures is available now for a MSRP of $60, but you can find it cheaper through online retailers such as Amazon, which currently has it on sale for only $37.80.

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  • Robert Rowland

    Appreciate the recommendation. Do you know if this book is related to the Pixar exhibition currently being held at the Oakland Museum of Art?

    • Samad

      No, this isn’t related to the museum exhibit. The 25 Years of Animation Pixar exhibit has a companion book that is only available through the museum’s store.

  • Daniel

    Wow! Nice review! This can be my b-day present! Did you see where Lee Unkrich is going home and screening TS3 and auctioning off TS3 memorilbila

    • Samad

      The book makes an awesome present! And yes, I heard about that special screening with Lee Unkrich. Those lucky Chagrin Falls residents!

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