Concept Art From Canceled newt Released

Recently, it came to light that Pixar had stopped production on newt, a film whose storyline revolved around two newts who were the last of their kind and needed to mate in order to assure the survival of their species. It has been unclear as to why the film was cancelled. There was sadness from Pixar fans when news of the cancellation hit, as they were looking forward to another unique Pixar film (following in the footsteps of Wall-E, and Up.

Just today, Pixar surprised fans by posting 29 pieces of concept art from newt on their Facebook page. Displaying artwork from a cancelled film is an unprecedented move by the studio in Emeryville, but one that is indeed welcome to those who enjoy viewing and studying the behind-the-scenes process. I’ve included several pieces of concept art below:

Here’s to hoping we see more artwork. Imagine if Chronicle Books were to publish an “Art Of” book for newt, using these pieces along with the many not shown. Though highly unlikely, it would be a move that would blow fans’ minds.

What do you think of the released artwork? Would YOU like to see a book of unreleased artwork? Comment below.

To view all of the released concept art, visit Disney-Pixar’s Facebook page.

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  • Mark

    They really should’ve done it. So sad this isn’t coming any more :(

    • Samad

      I agree! Seeing this artwork only makes it harder to come around to the fact that we won’t be seeing the film released. Maybe they can use characters/ideas from newt in other films.

  • Simoa

    The concept art for this film truly is beautiful, and I was looking forward to seeing it. The art here is versatile and looks like a lot of painstaking time and detail was put into it, as with everything Pixar. Here’s hoping they find a place for Newt in the future.

    • Samad

      I thought we’d heard the last of newt, but they just reeled us right back in! Like you said, it’s some stunning artwork. Hope we see something like it down the line.

  • Che

    It wasn’t that original because it had the same concept as Wall-E, the last new on earth (the last robot on earth). Well, that’s my theory, but I think they should still keep the character and artwork for another movie, just with a different synopsis. Anyway, Pixar Rules!!!

    • Samad

      It’s true that it may not sound original, but I think we can all agree after seeing the concept art for it, we would have wanted to see more. And yes, Pixar does indeed rule. 😉

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