Pictures/Video From Pixarpalooza ll (Update)

PixarpaloozaLast year, Pixar held their first ever Pixarpalooza, an event where musicians from different departments at the studio performed at their Emeryville campus in California. It has now become an annual event, with this year’s event held earlier tonight. I was able to gather some pictures taken by crowd members. From the pictures, it is evident that unlike last year, this year’s show seems to have been held outside on the campus grounds. (Updated with video and more pictures – Aug. 29)

Nick Pitera, who has proven to be quite the YouTube sensation, is one of the more famous musicians working at Pixar. Pitera is in the visual effects department at Pixar, working as a Sets Modeling Artist for last year’s Up. I learned that he indeed performed at the event tonight.

Pictures from the show that were posted fairly quickly are below.

We’ll have more as additional details and pictures from Pixarpalooza II are posted. Nice to see the great people at the studio also displaying their musical talents.

UPDATE 1: Added a picture of a Pixarpalooza poster and other shots from the show, all courtesy of Pixar animator-extraordinaire, Aaron Hartline. Check out his blog here.

UPDATE 2: Here is some Pixarpalooza video footage of the Luxo Jazz Workshop band doing a cover of the Spanish “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story 3:

Thanks to @Benjamin_Taylor, @nickybanana, @rotomonkey on Twitter. Also, many thanks to Aaron Hartline for the additional pictures. Video footage is from ericggregory’s YouTube channel.

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