First Look: Pixar’s New Short ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’

Sanjay's Super Team

2015 is a landmark year for Pixar, which is releasing two feature films, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, within a span of five months. In addition, the studio is tying original short films to the features, also making this the first time we have seen two original shorts from Pixar in the same year. Although the first of those shorts, Lava, has already been announced, today is the first we are hearing of the second short, which is called Sanjay’s Super Team. Find details and concept art after the break! [Read more…]

Brad Bird Has Started Writing ‘The Incredibles 2′

The Incredibles - Group

In 2015, Pixar will release two original films, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, with the former generating incredible buzz heading into its summer release. However, there is still a great deal of interest in the animation studio’s sequels, mostly because millions have fallen in love with the memorable characters and locales. Aside from Finding Dory, no follow-up is surrounded by more excitement than The Incredibles 2, which Brad Bird revealed he is currently writing. [Read more…]

I Watched The First Hour Of ‘Inside Out’ And It Was Mind-Blowing (No Spoilers)


Going all the way back to Up‘s release in 2009, there has been no Pixar film I have been more excited for than the upcoming Inside Out. There’s a reason for that – both films were directed by Pete Docter, one of the animation studio’s premier directors. Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Pixar’s campus in Emeryville, California. While there, I watched the first hour from Inside Out, and I am happy to report that even though I walked in with the highest of expectations, I walked out fully impressed. [Read more…]

‘Inside Out’ Will Premiere At Prestigious Cannes Film Festival (Confirmed)

Inside Out - 5 Emotions

The Cannes Film Festival, held in France annually, is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Many films have premiered there and left with a great deal of buzz on the way to a successful stint on the awards circuit. Only one Pixar feature film has ever played at Cannes, Pete Docter’s Up, which became the first animated film ever to open the festival. The film was not in contention for awards there but stories of the Cannes audience crying behind their 3D glasses jumpstarted its incredibly successful run at the box office and throughout awards season. Will Inside Out, the next film directed by Docter, premiere at Cannes as well? (UPDATE: We have confirmation – it will!) [Read more…]

Watch: New ‘Inside Out’ Trailer Is Incredible

Inside Out - 5 Emotions

Inside Out is Pixar’s most anticipated film in years – it is another original story from the studio, which has enjoyed unrivaled success launching new properties. Additionally, the film brought Pete Docter back to the director’s chair following his last film, Up, which is easily one of Pixar’s greatest films. We’ve seen some trailers for Inside Out, but none like the one unveiled today. Watch it after the break! [Read more…]

‘Toy Story 4′ Will Reportedly Focus More On The Toys, Less On Humans

Toy Story - Woody and Buzz Pose

Last year, Pixar confirmed that Toy Story 4 is currently in development. The announcement caught many off guard as although there had been rumors swirling of a fourth Toy Story film, it remained surprising given the perfect ending to the third film. Still, the studio has promised that there is a great idea for the story and while we do not know much, Pixar President Jim Morris gave an interview providing a few more details. Find out what he said after the break! [Read more…]

Official ‘Inside Out’ Poster Debuts

Inside Out Poster - Clip

There is an art to great posters – they have to convey a theme and tell a story simply with an image. The best ones are those that do it with few or no words, leaving much of the storytelling to the visual itself. The official poster for Inside Out just made its debut earlier today, and we have your first look at it, as it is sure to pop up everywhere over the next few months! [Read more…]