First Look: ‘Inside Out’ Comes To Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity - Inside Out Play Set 2

Disney Infinity has become a major force in the video game industry and its popularity only continues to grow. Recently, it was announced that the third iteration of the gaming platform would bring Star Wars characters to the series for the first time, which means Jedis will be able to cross paths with Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, and The Incredibles. Today, Disney Interactive released details, images, and a trailer for the next Pixar property that will be featured in the game – Inside Out! [Read more…]

‘Inside Out’ Could Forever Change The Way You Think About Emotions

Inside Out - Joy Concept Art

Pete Docter is no stranger to telling ambitious stories. The Pixar director’s last film centered around an old man grieving for the loss of his beloved wife and then finding a way to move on by flying his house to South America using balloons. His upcoming film brings us inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, with her emotions playing the main characters. After the break, find out what Docter told me about Inside Out, and you will begin to see that you may never view emotions the same way again. [Read more…]

Pixar Reveals ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Good Dinosaur’ Details At Cannes

Finding Dory

Cannes has been quite a whirlwind adventure for Pixar this year, as the studio’s upcoming film, Pete Docter’s Inside Out, enjoyed its world premiere at the annual French festival and saw heaps of praise thrown upon it. With two new Pixar films after Inside Out expected in the next year, Pixar’s CCO John Lasseter took the opportunity at Cannes to share more details about the studio’s upcoming slate. After the break, read what he had to say about The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, and even Toy Story 4! [Read more…]

See ‘Inside Out’ Stars and Creative Team Celebrate At Cannes

"Inside Out" Premiere - The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Inside Out received an incredible reception at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, with those in attendance at the screenings stating that the film received what will easily be one of the strongest receptions at the festival. The creative team and voice actors attended several events throughout the day to celebrate what is only the second Pixar film to screen at the prestigious festival. See a large collection of photos from the day’s events after the break! [Read more…]

‘Inside Out’ Earns Rave Reviews At Cannes Film Festival


Expectations have been sky-high for Inside Out, the latest film from Pixar. For one, it is directed by Pete Docter, who directed the incredibly emotional Up. Additionally, there is pent-up demand for a Pixar feature film, given that we never got one in 2014. Today, the film played at the Cannes Film Festival and confirmed that even with the highest of expectations, Pixar can still impress. Read some snippets of the reviews after the break! [Read more…]

First Look: Pixar’s New Short ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’

Sanjay's Super Team

2015 is a landmark year for Pixar, which is releasing two feature films, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, within a span of five months. In addition, the studio is tying original short films to the features, also making this the first time we have seen two original shorts from Pixar in the same year. Although the first of those shorts, Lava, has already been announced, today is the first we are hearing of the second short, which is called Sanjay’s Super Team. Find details and concept art after the break! [Read more…]

Brad Bird Has Started Writing ‘The Incredibles 2′

The Incredibles - Group

In 2015, Pixar will release two original films, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, with the former generating incredible buzz heading into its summer release. However, there is still a great deal of interest in the animation studio’s sequels, mostly because millions have fallen in love with the memorable characters and locales. Aside from Finding Dory, no follow-up is surrounded by more excitement than The Incredibles 2, which Brad Bird revealed he is currently writing. [Read more…]